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intuitive design

At inhousing, we believe that amazing, accessible housing begins with intelligent design, smart construction techniques, and the smooth integration of technology. We work with you to create or modify your home to match your individual desires and specifications.

Working with trusted contractors, we design and construct homes specifically around ease-of-access; uniquely suited to the individual(s) living within them. 

Our innovative solutions include kitchens with adjustable bench heights, light and power switches in reach of everyone, and wider doorways and hallways large enough to fit electric wheelchairs. We use robust materials that withstand impact and minimise maintenance. We’ll ensure your home meets your needs without sacrificing the aesthetics and feeling of home. 

inhousing can handle everything from building approval, builder’s appointments, and contract management.  We can also assist in the design process at every stage; from floor plans to building elevations. Whether building on your own land or purchasing one of our purpose-built homes, inhousing has a solution for you.