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Housing Registration

inhousing is a specialist housing provider predominantly for people living with disability. We offer individual homes, groups of homes and co-tenancies.
Unless you have housing needs requiring specialised features in a property, you are unlikely to be offered tenancy with us. Please only complete the registration and nomination steps if you believe you meet the eligibility criteria.


In addition to completing the inhousing Registration Form at the bottom of this page, you also need to complete the following forms:


Community Housing Registration of Interest

Completion of this form means that you will be considered for housing opportunities that other providers may have.

Housing Needs Assessment Form

If you have a high or urgent need for housing a Housing Needs Assessment Form should also be completed by someone assisting you with finding housing.=

Change of Circumstances Form

Registration Form

Personal Details

NDIS Registration Status

Income and Support

Income Details

Choose all that apply

Accessibility Design Features
Source and Level of Support with daily living

We will now ask for some details about how much care is provided and by who?

Specialised Disability Accommodation Provision Recognition
Do you have a public or community housing rental application lodged?*

As it appears on the letter of confirmation. If you are not sure, leave it blank.

Guardian or someone acting as Power of Attorney

We'll use this to get in touch with them.

Please include the area code.

Housing Requirements

What type of property would you like?

Choose all that apply

Choose all that apply

Other House Members

Other House Members
First House Member
Second House Member
Third House Member
Fourth House Member
Help us improve, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being very easy and 10 being very difficult, how easy did you find this form to complete?

Your opinion is important to us so that we to keep improving.